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Guiding not Posing Workshop – Dive Deeper into Photography

Focus on building trust and confidence with your subject. We delve into techniques that help create a relaxed environment, where the subjects feel comfortable enough to let their guard down and be themselves, then use that environment to create unique experiences.

  • Date: May 19, 7-9 PM
  • Hands-on photography session in the Commons
  • Limited to 10 participants for a focused experience
  • Learn from expert photographer Michael Stewart Patrick Kent
  • Join an engaging and supportive photography community
  • Custom cheat sheets and access to continuous learning events

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Guiding not Posing Photography Workshop Date: May 19th, Time: 7-9 PM, Location: Near the Botanical Gardens in the Commons

Join our unique, hands-on workshop and unlock new levels in your photography journey.

Images resonate with people when you can FEEL them. We all want our subjects to feel comfortable enough to be their true selves, and express real emotions. Instead of relying heavily on a set of predefined poses, which can lead to shots that feel staged and inauthentic, we focus on creating an experience that allows our subject to feel at ease and comfortable in their own skin.

What’s Included:

  • Intimate Learning Experience: Limited to 10 participants for personalized attention.
  • Practical, Hands-On Session: Learn by doing, with live shooting sessions.
  • Real World Skills: Leave with a better understanding of what makes an amazing portrait experience.
  • Expert Guidance: Personally directed and guided by Michael, lead educator and portrait photographer for the last 13+ years.
  • Community Connection: Plug into a unique community of creative photographers, just for this event.
  • Post-Workshop Resources: Customized cheat sheets based on workshop discussions.
  • Ongoing Events: Photo Club is an incredible active community, full of amazing people, and dozens of opportunities for growth. That means that this workshop is just one step on your creative journey check out our calendar of events to see even more

“I have never felt so cared about then with these people. Everyone in the group wants to see you grow and have your photos get better.” – A Photo Walk Member

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